Nail Art Tuesday Blog 2

Nail Art Tuesday Blog 2

Nail Art Tuesday

  Today is the first Nail Art Tuesday post and it is all about sweater nail patterns. That’s right… Your sweater that you wear for the fall is now prints on your nails! There are many colors, lengths and shapes of this pattern. I would have never thought sweater pattern would be considered a trend, however this past Fall 2021, it has became a trend I had seen a lot on my explore page. I figured why not my holiday/birthday nails (December 29th) both holiday but a chic vibe to it that I can still slay after the holidays. 

  My personal Nail technician Chris is AH-MAZING! Every design I am inspired by, he ALWAYS brings it! BUT with his own twist is which I LOVE most! He is based out of Texas at the Rose Couture Nail Bar. It is always a positive atmosphere when Chris and I connect. I asked if it was okay for his work to be shown as inspiration. Of course he said YASSS!

  I have also left more nail inspiration of others work below. Their Ig page is connected at the top of the picture.

Have a great Nail Day and also Taco Tuesday!






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