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   Happy New Year Mystilinc Baes !!! I am so excited we are in a new YEAR! Last year I believe was a turning point for everyone. Rather you had a great year, challenging year, learning year or what kind of year you have had, welcome to the NEW YEAR!

    This year, Mystilinc has decided to branch out into a blog. Meaning, we will be having different topics weekly on what the current trends:nail art , trends for the seasons each season and anything fashion related. Fashion is a huge pie. We are just cutting some pieces that stands out to us. Nail art is huge trend on social media. Who does not love going to the nail shop to get pampered and cute? With so many ideas, it is awesome to have several ideas because there are TONS of styles you can try every three-weeks or when you visit your nail salon.

    Trends for each season (Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall Fashion) will be broken down per season. Mystilinc is inspired by runway and the trends that are shown. To keep you ladies in formation ! (We got you). Fashion is evolving and we want to make sure we have you LOCKED in each season!

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